Lamp Replacement

Why carry out maintenance?

As with all lighting schemes, the luminance will gradually decline from the moment of installation, Lighting maintenance is an essential maintenance service provided to or clients. This service is especially valuable to businesses as it is highly important when complying with Heath & Safety regulations that all work areas are correctly illuminated and the lighting units within the workspace are adequately maintained.

  • The following are reasons for the loss of luminance
  • The accumulation of dirt on the lamp
  • The accumulation of dirt on the luminaire (housing and reflector)

Lamp life Regular maintenance to the fitting interior, the reflector and the lamp will extend the efficiency of the design.

Orkid Life Policy A suitably qualified engineer will carry out a inspection every 12 Months and report on the following:

  • Number of lamps that require replacement
  • General Lux Levels

Orkid can offer the following: Spot Lamp Replacement: Our engineers will arrange regular service calls to replace only the lamps which need attention. Group Lamp Replacement: Mass re-lamping offers you and your company a much more cost effective replacement programme A typical program for an office installation of standard recessed modular fittings, of 5 years   standing that has received little or no maintenance would be;


  • Survey
  • Preparation of report


  • Cleanse of fitting and reflector
  • Swap out of lamps and starters/control gear

+12 month

  • Cleanse of fitting, reflector and lamp
  • Spot replacement of any individual lamp failures

+24 month

  • As “12month”